Zinc propionate

It is also used to treat and to prevent zinc deficiency. Another natural form of this heptahydrate is known as mineral zincmelanterite (Zn,Cu,Fe)SO4·7H2O (structurally different from goslarite. Lower hydrates of zinc sulfate are rarely found in nature as minerals: bianchite (Zn,Fe)SO4·6H2O, boyleite (Zn,Mg)SO4·4H2O and gunningite (Zn,Mn)SO4·H2O. An aqueous solution of Zinc Sulphate is claimed to be effective at removing moss from roofs. Spraying a mixture on moss will allow the wind to simply blow off the remaining debris, however it is not recommended for use on lawns as it is as effective at removing grass. Uses:

Zinc propionate

zinc propionate


zinc propionatezinc propionatezinc propionatezinc propionatezinc propionate