Xtreme tren+six anabolic

In particular, I have communicated with Dr. James Tolliver, a chemistry expert presently with the FDA but previously employed by the DEA, who perfonned a scientific analysis on these substances while he was with the DEA and found that both “Madol” and “Tren” are chemically and pharmacologically related to testosterone (and also are not estrogens, progestins, corticosteroids, or dehydroepiandrosterone). Based upon Dr. Tolliver’s infonnation and 21 . S02(41)(A), there is probable cause that “Madol” and “Tren” are anabolic steroids and are presently illegal.

I only have epistane by itself to compare this product too, so using this was my second cycle. I gained 11 solid pounds of good, clean, dry muscle. I also went down 2% body fat. I had a great time on this product, I felt good, had amazing workouts, strength didn't fly through the roof like I thought it would but it definitely did go up. aggression wasn't too bad neither was any other sides, except quite a bit of acne and some occasional back pumps. overall I loved this product, make sure you have a solid regimen to get the most out of this product and most importantly have a proper pct lined up. Thanks 

Xtreme tren+six anabolic

xtreme tren+six anabolic


xtreme tren+six anabolicxtreme tren+six anabolicxtreme tren+six anabolicxtreme tren+six anabolicxtreme tren+six anabolic