What supplements to take with tren

I’ve been having a big issue with abdominal bloating for the last three months, though I’ve always been prone to it, but it used to get worse progressively throughout the day. Now it is bloated the whole time. I have tried total fasting for two days, only eating fruit and veg. I am otherwise fit and healthy. Eat well and barely eat grains. I have done hardcore SCD diet for a few months a few years ago to try and clear it and actually it did get better but it took a few months. I take supplements and probiotics and digestive enzymes sometimes. I am not constipated and don’t feel discomfort, just belly blown up like I’m six months pregnant. I have read everything I can on the topic but nothing seems to work. What confuses me is that you’d think after two days of not eating anything it would go down. So maybe it’s not food related. I have noticed that I have hard knots to the left of my belly button when I dig my fingers right in and I can feel a heartbeat. stuck energy? Don’t laugh.

Hey Mike I have been using forge before every swim workout. But then now i have seen more HMB studies and visited . They recommend HMB at least 30-45 minutes before your training session while yours say 10-15 min. Some sites also suggest that HMB be taken in several doses throughout the day. What is the ideal timing? Also im bulking atm and you wouldnt suggest people to take forge while bulking but isnt HMB more anti catabolic than insulin? Also would it be good to take whey+ HMB before workout because leucine is more anabolic than HMB but HMB is more anti catabolic than leucine so i think they blend well.

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What supplements to take with tren

what supplements to take with tren


what supplements to take with trenwhat supplements to take with trenwhat supplements to take with trenwhat supplements to take with trenwhat supplements to take with tren