What is trench fever

Having officers outfit themselves also helped reinforce the social hierarchy of the military. Soldiers tended to be drawn from the British working classes, while the officers were almost exclusively plucked from upper, gentlemanly class, the “Downton Abbey” swanks. Dress was (and still is, of course) an important marker of social distinction, so allowing officers to buy their own active service kit from their preferred tailors and outfitters set them apart, fortifying their social supremacy. It also meant that though there were parameters for what an officer had to wear, they could, as Doyle says, “cut a dash”: “The latitude for creating their own style was enormous.

Trench foot, also called immersion foot, develops when your feet are exposed to cold, unsanitary water for long periods of time — many hours or days. [1] It was termed during World War I when thousands of soldiers developed the painful condition while fighting in the trenches. The condition is characterized by foot swelling, numbness, pain and eventual tissue death and gangrene, which is life threatening. Trench foot still occurs in modern war zones, disaster areas and outdoor events mired by rain / flooding. Treating and preventing the condition is pretty straightforward.

I have a garage that sits lower than the ground around it and the driveway slopes toward the garage as well. The walls of the garage sit directly on the slab...no concrete blocks. The soil is right up against the walls of the garage so over time the wood rots out and has to be replaced. I was wondering if I put in a drain at the front of the garage and continued around to the sides if it would be ok to be right up against the garage instead of out several feet. For one thing I don't have several feet along one side because it's right along my neighbors driveway and the other side I have a patio made of pavers. But I was thinking if the gravel went all the way to the slab then I wouldn't have dirt against the walls anymore. And if I put down weed fabric over it to keep out dirt would I put it directly on top of the pipe or up higher?

What is trench fever

what is trench fever


what is trench feverwhat is trench feverwhat is trench feverwhat is trench feverwhat is trench fever