Tren ace yellow color

I hold in my hand, dear, three letters
Three letters from the stage of your fine, fine, super-fine career
The first began "Eddie, darling, sweetheart, my wonderful one,
I will always be grateful for the things that you've done"
The second letter came right after I gave you your start
Yes, it came from your pen, dear, but not from your heart
The third became the joker of the deck
You ended your letter enclosed "please sign my cheque"
Why you fool! You poor, sad, worthless, foolish fool
If you think that money can pay me
For the hard years I've suffered till things broke your way
Yes, I'm answering your last letter that says we must part
I'm tearing it to pieces the way you tore up my heart
I smile when you kiss me and I thrill at your touch
My only sin was, I love you much too much

geureol su itdamyeon eolmana joheulkka
amudena gaseo bap meokgo yeonghwa
han pyeonman bol suman itdamyeon
naran ae jeongmal mwon jisirado hal tende girl
I’m sorry, nae meoriga neom iseongjeok inga bwa
geuraedo eonjenga bomyeon useojwo
jogeumeun, ani eojjeomyeon manhi
nal wonmanghagetji
ara nae kkum ttaemune neol deo baraboji motaeseo
geureom naege haruman jwo,
kkum sogirado haruman
hyeonsireul pinggye daemyeo
samkyeoya haetdeon geu sumanheun mal
jungeseo ttak han madiman jedaero hal su itge
geurae napalkkochi pil
ttae manna heeojija kkochi jil ttae
swipge ichyeojil geora saenggak an haetjiman
neoege nan geuraesseum joketdamyeon igijeogilkka
neol wihaeseoramyeo ajik nan geojitmalhago isseo
neon nae hangaunde seo isseo

Tren ace yellow color

tren ace yellow color


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