Trebol one piece vnsharing

He is a very powerful sniper, as he managed to create a bullet made of his sticky substance with his index finger and fire it at a very high speed with very precise aim, being able to hit a fly directly between the eyes while piercing a wall with explosive force, and blasting through three layers of reinforced concrete. He is extremely fast as he quickly leaps to the far away men that Robin is pointing to near the docked ship in the harbor, he covered a long distance in a matter of seconds, he then quickly leaped back to Robin once he realized he had been tricked. He also possesses tremendous strength, as he managed to lift a giant ship out of the harbor and throw it far away like a flail, while at the same time smashing the ship halfway through a concrete domed roof, nearly destroying the dome.

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Trebol one piece vnsharing

trebol one piece vnsharing


trebol one piece vnsharingtrebol one piece vnsharingtrebol one piece vnsharingtrebol one piece vnsharingtrebol one piece vnsharing