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Fragrance -A*Men Mugler
Bottle from - 2009 and 2014

I recently did review of Intoxicated By personal note was:

Yes, it's a beautifull , it's very similar to Thierry Mugler Angel , I love them both. Yes Intoxicated is more refined,more appealing, more sexi,
more mass pleasing than A yes I will choose A man every single time insted 't get me man is my favourite scent, in situation when
you are in close encounters,when you kiss a girl,when you are in romantic evening ofc Intoxicated is better choice. But when you want to feel superior,when you are in quest of conquering a girl,when you want to let evrybody know that you are out of this world,don't care what they think of you and let them know that you will certainly win all games that life put infront of you,I'm sorry but for that I'll choose A man every single god given day.

Longevity - 10/10(12+hours-bottle from 2009,10+hours-bottle from 2014)
Silage/Projection - 10/10(beast mode-bottle from 2009,great projection 4+hours-bottle from 2014)
Weather - winter
Age - 22+
Compliments - 10/10
Scent - 10/10 (masterpiece)

Main notes according to me -
dark chocolate,caramel,vanilla,coffee,patchouli

The drydown is amazing and i get some honey,caramel, chocolate and tonka bean.

Emotions -seductive,sexy,passionate,warm,sweet,power to conquer the world

Perfect for winter night out,clubbing and more or less any ocasion, when u feel like a will get everyone's 'll get compliments with this one.
A must recommend this of my all time is masterpiece.

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