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Norms for the SalesAP were developed using a sample of 1,375 individuals aged 15 and older, of which 48% were male and 52% were female. These individuals were being assessed for job selection, placement, promotion or career appraisal. About 30% were students and the balance were adults ranging in age from their early 20s to mid-60s. Their current work situations included executive positions in technical and service-oriented areas, managerial positions, and sales positions. About 10% of the sample were Black and 2% were Hispanic. In establishing standardized scores for the final version of the SalesAP , normalized T-scores were first developed on the large, stable standardization sample for SalesAP scores. The normative information obtained from the standardization group was extended to a separate reference sample of 745 managers, people in sales-related occupations, and middle- and upper-level professionals.

Test for sale

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