Anadrol symptoms

Seventy consecutive gallbladders removed at surgery were examined radiologically and pathologically. Fifteen (21%) of the operative specimens showed naked-eye changes of adenomyomatosis. The main conclusions drawn from this study are that this abnormality is present in a much higher proportion of gallbladders removed at surgery than is generally realised, and that the pathogenesis is primarily an abnormality of muscle contractions, with a strong similarity to diverticular disease of the colon. Diverticular disease of the gallbladder might well be the most appropriate name for this condition. The results of a post-operative clinical assessment of patients with diverticular disease are also presented. But this represents a small number of patients and larger, perhaps multicentre, surveys would be required in order to assess the clinical significance of this interesting abnormality.

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Anadrol symptoms

anadrol symptoms


anadrol symptomsanadrol symptomsanadrol symptomsanadrol symptomsanadrol symptoms